Creating Custom Cakes for Birthdays, Showers, Special Occasions

Birthday or Shower or Anniversary in your future?  Any special occasion?

cake coronaWhenever you have a special occasion to celebrate, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, anniversary, quinceanera,  baby shower, bridal shower, graduation…a cake can be the focal point of the celebration.  The cake can capture the theme of the occasion with its color and decoration, and the name of the celebrant on the cake.  This is when custom cakes can make a big difference.

What is more, if you care about the taste of the food that you are offering, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a favorite cake, tasty filling and frosting to match the occasion.    Sweet Moments Dessert Company specializes in creating cakes that wow guests with its presentation and its yumminess…extraordinary flavors and fillings.  Sour cream butter cake is the most popular especially paired with raspberry or strawberry filling.  Coming in close as a second is red velvet cake. But there is so much more:   white, different chocolates, marble, banana, strawberry….

When it is a very special occasion you should probably arrange to have a tasting that your chosen baker can provide so you can be assured that you are getting the flavor and quality you deserve.  Especially for tiered cakes used for wedding, quinceanera and anniversaries you will want to make sure you have researched and found the very best.

Steps in Ordering a Custom Cake

Here are some suggestions of how you might proceed in choosing and ordering a custom cake for special occasion.

First, make sure you have a good count of how many guests you are planning to have for your special occasion.  This will clarify what size of cake you need, whether you need tiers, etc.

Second, you will want to research decorations and themes.  In this Internet age, this can be lots of fun.  Google “Frozen themed birthday cakes” or “Mickey Mouse baby birthday cakes” or “purple cakes,” etc.  There are thousands of photos out there and you can quickly copy and paste your favorites to a document.  Here is one such site that come up when I googled “cake design galleries.”

One great tool to use is getting the screen capture feature of Jing ( download here ) to help gather photos.  Capture and save anything on your screen to your photo collection or desktop.

Your research may result in getting an idea of what appeals to you in terms of color, theme, etc. and you might start combining in your imagination elements of your favorites.  Together with your chosen baker, you can create your dream cake.

Notice whether the frosting is a fondant one or butter cream. Fondant allows for a cleaner smoother look and certain designs require fondant.  But fondant doesn’t taste good so you might want to have a butter cream frosting under it.  Butter cream, on the other, can taste superb, and a skilled baker can creative excellent designs with it.

Certain elements may be purchased such as flowers to decorate the cake.  Or, edible images can be made with photos to decorate.  Often objects such as animals and flowers, logos, designs are created from gum paste or royal icing.

Third, ask your friends and family what their favorite kind of cake is. Yes, you might to poll some of your guests  so that what you choose is among people’s favorite.  While it’s good to know your own preferences, remember you can’t eat the whole cake and it would be wonderful to please your guests’ palate, wouldn’t it?

Here are possibilities that I offer on on this website.

Fourth, start researching bakers. Now if you are on a tight budget, you may have to settle for a cake from a grocery store like Albertson’s or Safeway or a wholesaler such as Sam’s Club or Costco. Their cakes are standard. Where I’m located, such cakes are served and not eaten because guests are so tired of the same ol’ same ol’.

Researching  Bakers of Custom Cakes

Most custom bakers will have websites with information you need about sizes, shapes, flavors, fillings, frosting….  Do your research so that you know the range of cost you can anticipate.  There is no sense in dreaming for a great custom cake when your budget will not pay for one:  please don’t waste the time of a custom baker.

If you are in my area in Orange County or Riverside County, please look at my other website ,  and read my Yelp reviews.

Congratulations on having a special occasion to celebrate, and for considering the order of a custom cake.  I hope you found my guidelines for custom cakes useful.

The best to you!

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