Modern Wedding Cakes? or Traditional Wedding Cakes

Looking for modern wedding cakes?  Or traditional wedding cakes?

Here are some thoughts on the subject.
A terrific wedding cake is something that each and every single bride-to-be and groom should have to have for their upcoming wedding. In my viewpoint, if the reception, outfit, tuxes and decor will be streamlined and stylish, the  wedding cake ought to match. While you may wish to get the very best wedding cake for your wedding you may not be up to date with the most up to date in terms of wedding cake design … So here I am going to give you ideas to consider.
Desserts for the Modern Couple
One way of thinking about “modern”‘ and  how cakes can be identified as modern day is to think that they deviate from the standard. All modern wedding cakes are generally ones that give of an indication of charm and elegance.
The easiest way to give a “modern” look is to move away from the traditional round layers to square layers.
Square Cakes
One popular trend in modern-day wedding cake designs is the square cake. Frequently you are going to be provided a fondant base for your square wedding cake which is quite normal. Fondant is an unique kind of edible material that is used to provide a look that is  very smooth and can provide the cake a glossy look. (It’s generally easier to drape and  contour the fondant over a square shape than a round one.)
Now you can really add whatever kind of decorations that you would desire as soon as the fondant has been placed. This product enables a versatility in design that is not as quickly developed with frosting, and it maintains a sleek profile for that modern, clean-lined appeal.
And to make the best of traditional and modern, you can request that the layer of fondant is put over a layer of buttercream which has a wonderful taste compared to fondant (which is only edible in my opinion).
Cupcake Weddings
Cupcakes have come a long way from the specific little cakes produced for third grade birthday parties. In a lot of cases the wedding cupcakes can be generally part of a larger wedding cake assembly that can contribute to have a  dramatic total effect.
A good wedding cake baker can suggest ways of decorating the wedding cupcakes so they have the classy appeal that you want for your wedding reception.  They should follow the theme of the wedding cake to be sure.  Accentuating a decoration detail from the cake is one possibility, or creating a complementary design is another. If you can be arranged in cupcake tiers, they may add to the drama of the wedding cake presentation.
Whatever the couple’s final choice of a wedding cake, each should remember that it may involve a process that can take time.  Each person may have a different idea of what modern means.  Therefore each should remember that looking at “modern” wedding cakes is a matter of becoming clearer about what is appealing.  If the couple agrees on cakes throughout this process it would be easier for them to make a final joint decision. It’s interesting to speculate that how they handle this process if their tastes differ may reflect on how well suited they are to handle disagreements in their marriage.

Looking for images of traditional wedding cakes?  Or ideas for traditional wedding cakes?

There is truth in the statement “old is gold”. Classics are revered and treated lovingly due to a great reason because elegance, a sense of regality is implied.  So it is completely reasonable if you want to choose a traditional or a standard feel for your wedding. The same also makes an application for standard wedding cake concepts. Some people discover the experimental element an enjoyable thing to do. But you are moving in a different direction but also not wanting to have dull themes. What those who choose innovation cannot deny is the reality that experiments and fun can sometimes go terribly wrong.  You are choosing for safety but not necessarily boring.

With a good, trendy, sassy touch to the traditional cake designs, you can be sure t0 find some favorites. Here we explain some popular traditional wedding cake ideas that may help you in this process of choosing a cake design.

Traditional Wedding Cakes

A traditional wedding cake would typically be a white, multi-tiered cake with the cake topper of couple figurines or a floral topper. One of the distinctive choices you can make yet still having a conventional wedding cake  would be to put up a tailored image of the couple instead of standard figurines. If you are in love with the concept of stately white figurines, and want to persevere, you can make some changes like putting in some dynamic hues of your selection.

Suppose the bride’s favored color is pink while the groom’s is blue, you can put in some soft shades in the wedding cake. You can choose some classy white wedding cake with complex designs. If you want tradition and yet very different, the thing to do would be choosing an eleven-tiered cake or many tiered beyond the usual.

Themed traditional wedding cakes

So, you have a style for your wedding however desire to go with a traditional cake, you do not stress! We have the very best standard cake ideas for a style wedding as well. A Hawaiian wedding theme? Simply make the wedding cake  topper’s figurines using Hawaiian costumes, in white or a touch a color will not harm as well. You might naturally use white fondant for Hawaiian themed cake designs.

Undoubtedly, if your style is based upon some color, you will need to add some colorful shades to the cake. You can utilize a heart influenced, yet tiered and white colored cake for a heart themed wedding. Including a touch of brand-new to the old traditional may mean a gorgeous concept enjoyed by all. It will be something that will please the elders in the family and still, not be dull.

Simple wedding cakes

You don’t want to go with an elaborate traditional cake if simpleness is exactly what fits you. A cake embellished with white fondue to look like silk drapes, peonies, roses, pearls, etc. are helpful concepts to go with for a very traditional simple wedding cakes.

Traditional Wedding Cake Flavors

Traditional wedding flavors?  I think of a white cake or something similar and simple.  You can create more interest for the palate by combining it with with a very unusual delicious filling.  Or, you can think traditional on the outside but non-traditional on the inside.  Here are some suggestions:  Luscious Cheesecake, Silken Vanilla, White cake with a tip of Almond, Tangy Lemon, or Orange, Rich Dark Chocolate, and Strawberry Swirl are some standard cake tastes’ ideas that you can choose. Butter cream–be it chocolate, vanilla, or butterscotch is the ultra-rich, heavenly elegant looking and tasting frosting to use.  If you choose an excellent wedding organizer or not, find the baker who will assist you in picking the right thing for your wedding.

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