Order Page for Bachelorette Pecker Cookies

To Place An Order, review the following information and complete the form below (scroll to bottom):

Deluxe Pecker Packs (A random collection chosen from our full line of peckers)

Quantity: ____ 24 Pecker pack $90 each

Add on 12 pack of Peckers with purchase of at least one 24 pack : Quantity ­­­___ $45

Quantity: ____ 12 pecker packs $50

Add on additional Single Peckers: Quantity ____ $4.25 each

Standard Pecker Packs (A random collection chosen our simpler pecker designs)

Quantity: ____ 24 pecker packs $75

Add on 12 pack of Peckers with purchase of at least one 24 pack : Quantity ­­­___ $38

Quantity: ____ 12 Pecker pack $45

Add on additional Single Peckers:  Quantity ____ $4.00 each

Customized “Pick your Pecker Pack” – Individual priced as marked (Minimum order of 12)

Following are $4.50 each:   Woody Wood Pecker,  Senor Wam Bam, Mr. Pencil head,   Mr. Baseball, Silver Bullet

$4.25 each:  Long Wang Dong, E- BONE- Y, Cow Poke, Uncle Sam

$4.00 each: Red Hot Pocker, Dr. Bumps, V.D., Cousin Limpy, Cool Willy,

$3.75 each:   Sir Harry, One-Eyed Monster,  Mr. Blue Balls, Dodger Dog, Mr. Stubbs,

$3.50 each:  Mr. Stubbs, Wee Willy

All bags are closed with a silver or gold twist tie

Additional add-ons–Ribbon bows – $.25 each per black bow

Custom Simple Tags – $.25 up to 3 lines

Inscription: Line 1 ______________________

Line 2 ______________________

Line 3______________________

Be sure you have provided all of the information in the following 8 lines. Remember to include your order of any custom items.

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Phone No

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Date of Event


Thank you for your order.  You should hear from us shortly.

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