What customers say about Laurice’s Cakes:  Reviews

You will find reviews about Sweet Moments Desserts Company on Yelp, Yahoo, Google+ and elsewhere on the Web.  Here are some of them and more.

From customer of many cakes–9/19/2013, PL, San Leandro– 5 stars

I have been Laurice’s client for many years. Everything she does is with excellence and artistry.  Her cakes are memorable.  She most recently made a beautiful butterfly cake for our daughter’s party and we still have people asking for her info and complimenting her cakes.  She is absolutely the sweetest person to work with and gives you personal attention. I will continue to be her client because there is no one better!

9/19/2013, Julia C., Corona, CA–5 stars

Laurice is phenomenal! Our cake was not only beautiful but it was delicious as well! She gave me more ideas and the cake came out better than I had envisioned it!  Thanks Laurice for a wonderful cake!!!!

Sweet moments has always been available and accommodating to all customers no matter the size of the order and the owner has always been available with a complimentary cake for the school PTA or other such functions .  A true pleasure to deal with.

From a wedding cake customer: 7/10/2013, Kris Kayla P., Hermosa Beach, CA–5 stars

I am so happy to have met Laurice! I found her through random wedding websites.  Her cakes are beautiful and taste out of this world.  My fiance and I were blown away at our cake tasting.  Her cakes were amazingly moist and delicious! She was also very helpful in designing the look I wanted for my cake. She is very talented and super easy to work with. Highly recommend!

3/28/2013, Susan H, Riverside, CA–5 stars

Six years ago I went on a search for a Baker that has the talent to make beautiful cakes WITH phenomenal taste.  Needless to say I FOUND HER.  Laurice is talented beyond belief, I have thrown her such complicated designs and she has fullfilled them beautifully.  She has always gone beyond to please her customers.

Laurice has been our official go to gal when it comes to cakes and desserts.  I have ordered a variety of cakes and desserts from her throughout the years.  My guests have nothing but compliments on all the desserts she has made and they look forward to the dessert table at our parties.  The desserts are absolutely DELECTABLE.

Her Tres Leches, Flan, Chocolate Cake/Fresh Banana filling, Red Velvet are staples at our parties.  Not to mention the mini desserts she has made for me, truffles, cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries, mini pecan pies and beignets to name a few.

She is reasonably priced, which means I can offer my guests more of a variety. She also DELIVERS (for a nominal fee) which I much appreciate.  I despise transporting cakes and being afraid of them surviving to my destination.

From customer of many cakes: 3/24/2013, Adrienne K.,  Inland Empire–5 stars

I have ordered cakes from Laurice twice for very special family events (First Communion for my sons,) cupcakes for one business event, her amazing flan for another business event, and a friend has twice surprised me with a cake for my birthday from Sweet Moments. I’ve also attended events where other people have ordered and served baked goods from Sweet Moments – so this review is based on many tastings and personal purchases.

First off: Forget what the cake looks like, let’s talk taste. These cakes TASTE as good as they look. My personal favorite on her menu is the Mousseline Buttercream. It tastes like a giant stick of butter. It’s so divine.

Besides being delicious, these cakes look amazing. For my special events, Laurice was able to create a cake that was elegant for the event and beautiful. My guests appropriately gushed about the beauty of the cake, (and the taste, too.)

Each time I have ordered from Laurice, my order was ready as promised, on time. She always exceeds my expectations!

3/9/2010  First to Review,Wendy H., San Francisco, CA–5 stars

Laurice, the owner makes the most beautiful and delicious cakes!  She’s based in SoCal but I recently had the opportunity of tasting one of her yummy chocolate cakes.

Laurice makes cakes for all occasions, birthdays, weddings, retirements, etc.  You can show her a picture of what you want from a magazine and she can replicate it for you.

She’s very nice and absolutely great to work with!

Happy wedding cake customer: Created on 08/08/13 on Yahoo

Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our wedding cake. It was amazing how you managed to work it all out. I can t believe we never even met, but somehow you were able to deliver exactly what I wanted with my being in Texas and you in Corona, CA. Being out of state made all the planning so much harder but you were so great working around our schedules and limitations. I love not having to worry about the cake, your personality and character never left me in doubt. The cake was absolute delicious….All of our guests loved it!–Liz

Created on 08/05/13 on Yahoo

Laurice, we really appreciate the personal customer service we received which made us feel like we were the only customers you had. We LOVED the way the cake looked–even better than we could have ever dreamed! More importantly, the guests are still raving about how delicious the cake was! We can t wait until we have another big event so we can get another cake from you…YUMMY!!!! We know where to find you and your special cakes in Corona.–Jamey
Happy wedding cake customer:  3 weeks ago on Google-Christine M. Nam
We ordered my wedding cake with Sweet Moments Dessert Company and LOVED it. My guests were raving about how tasty the cake was. It was moist and delicious! Also, it was decorated exactly how I imagined. Laurice is very easy to work with and super professional. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Looking forward to ordering a cake here again! Christine & Jason.
3 weeks ago, on Google-Pam BurnsClair, Sonoma
I had the pleasure of attending a party recently that Laurice helped cater, and WHAT A GIFT SHE IS! Her dishes are quite extraordinaire! The sopas and sushi were out of this world….and the desserts!! The presentation was almost too gorgeous to eat–especially beautiful and scrumptious was the sour cream butter cake with fresh raspberry and Grenache filling. It was sufficiently spectacular for a wedding cake, but it was merely a housewarming party! There were petite gourmet ‘cookies’ called macarons, both raspberry and Grenache fillings–I WISH I could make them myself but since my husband nearly hoarded way too many, that would be dangerous!! Laurice is a lovely person and quiet creative force in the kitchen. I would kind of like a season pass to any parties she caters!!
First happy wedding cake customer: 2 months agoJenn Walker, Google
I loved our wedding cake. I picked the prettiest cake I found and Laurice made it perfectly. My husband loves chocolate, so two layers were rich chocolate, and we also had a lemon layer, the best lemon cake I’ve ever tasted. Friends still comment on how great our wedding cake looked and tasted. After you try a piece of one of Laurice’s cakes, you won’t have any doubt she makes fabulous, delicious, moist and beautiful works of art. Look for her in Corona, CA.

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