Elegant Wedding Cakes? Amazing Wedding Cakes?

So elegant wedding cakes are on your mind?  Congratulations, this is an indication of your taste and style.

Each and every year there are some brand-new trends in wedding cakes and in other parts of the wedding. You don’t need to adhere to what the most up to date trends are. However, if your mind is now thinking “elegant,” so you may go through these suggestions and vote to see if they match your idea of what makes a wedding cake “elegant.”

Square Shaped Cakes

Many of us think of wedding cakes as round as the basic form. These days square has become more popular. I have seen numerous chocolate designs that are square fin shape. Even more unusual–cubed shapes and hexagons done in layers.

Blue And Green

The colors that seem to be “in” for wedding cakes are blue and green. Don’t rule out pink. It always seems to be popular and it seems to be getting even more popular again. Were are likewise seeing more 2 toned cakes. Rather of just one color of blue you might see two different colors of blue on the exact same cake.

Fresh Flowers

This is a trend that has been seen the last few years. Numerous new brides are adding some inexpensive fresh flowers either on the cake or next to the cake as a form of low-cost decoration. If you want to go to the trouble, you can find flowers wholesale and ask the wedding cake provider to add them to the cake and/or whole presentation.  (And don’t forget this detail; it’s easy to forget.)


An increasing number of imaginative designs are coming from cupcakes. Cupcakes are less expensive and have much less waste then a typical cake. When stacked in layers, the cupcakes as a tower it actually can look impressive. We are now starting to see cupcakes coming in various shapes such as square.

Chocolate Flavored Cakes

Chocolate is often chosen both in terms of flavor of cake, icings/frostings.  Moreover chocolate could be combined with other tastes such as coffee to create a yummy mocha filling with a chocolate cake.


There are may people who don’t want a routine cake but would make a radically different choice by choosing  cheesecake. Cheesecake can come in many flavors as well so nothing about it has to be routine in taste or design.  Google cheesecake wedding cakes and see what you can find.

Now, if these ideas somehow didn’t add to your ideas of an elegant wedding cake, you may at least have become aware of what is on your “must have” list of details that add up to your idea of elegance.  So the reading may have led you to have a clearer idea of what you want.

Here’s where one mind goes when I think of amazing wedding cakes

What woman doesn’t have the story of Cinderella and Prince Charming firmly imprinted in conscious and subconscious memory?  The scenes and the romantic story create a myth about weddings that affect so many choices for weddings (not to mention an urgent need to duplicate the story’s end).  The crowning moment is when they kiss and we hear the words ” and they lived happily ever after.”

This all happens in front of….yes, a fabulous wedding cake.  So it’s not surprising that many brides take special care to get their very special wedding cake ordered.  A top priority.

As women grow up, however, they are influenced by the change of fashion and taste.  While the princess bride cake is one possibility, a prospective bride can also comb many many magazine pages of fabulous wedding scenes, gowns and cakes.

Therefore, in this day, a princess wedding cake can be a sweet touch, a dream come true, and maybe the most daring choice a girl can ever make among all wedding cake ideas. If you want to carry the idea forward you can get involved in all the various details of the story such as decorations that reflect Cinderalla, her Fairy Godmother, the Prince, the Mice, etc.

Most people might think this is childish. But you don’t have to settle a kiddy topper for your wedding cake; you just take the basic colors used in that princess wedding. This means using pink and blue as the predominant colors. You may have your cake colored in pink and blues used in Cinderella. For some romantic touches, you can add white ribbons or white roses, standard decorations for many wedding cakes. . But if you are wanting to make a statement you can use a small glass slipper on top of the cake.  Or circle the cake with a duplicate of the pumpkin carriage with suitable horses.

This wedding is yours and entering new day as a married woman should be fun! You go Princess!

This is one idea of an amazing wedding cake.  There are as many amazing wedding cakes in people’s minds as there are people who think about weddings.  The point being that one version of “amazing” and to know what is yours, it’s to know your inner dream that you can put into the cake of this very special day, your wedding day.

Read more about wedding cake ideas and other wedding and bridal articles from us. We certainly hope we can be of help! Happy Planning.

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