Wedding Cakes, Custom-made, When You Want the Very Best

corona wedding cakes

Beautiful and delicious wedding cakes designed just for your special event.

Creating wedding cakes is my passion. And creating one exactly as you like and have it taste great too is my number one goal.
Orders are limited so that I may give your cake the detailed and focused attention that it deserves.

Consultation and tasting appointments are free.

I look forward to helping make your special moment even sweeter with a unique custom cake.

~ Laurice

Laurice’s customers give high praise for wedding cake design and for their great taste…

“I picked the prettiest cake I found and Laurice made it perfectly…Friends still comment on how great our wedding
cake looked and tasted. “– Jenn and Davit

We really appreciate the personal customer service we received which made us feel like we were the only customers you had. We LOVE the way the cake looked–even better than we could have ever dreamed! Most importantly, the guests are still raving about
how delicious the cake was! ” –Jamie and Frank

“..Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our (wedding) cake… I can’t believe we never even met, but somehow you were able to deliver exactly what I wanted. I love not having to worry about the cake, your personality and character never left me in doubt. The cake was absolutely delicious…All of our guests loved it!” —Mr & Mrs Bandersas

For more reviews, see the collection on her Yelp page.

Making Decisions about your Special Wedding Cake

Special occasion cakes can add so much to make a celebration memorable especially if you’ve chosen the right design and the flavors that leave your guests wanting a second and third piece of cake. Custom-made cakes for a wedding are in a category by themselves because weddings are such a precious occasion for the bride and groom involved. In order to make a perfect choice, it’s important to be clear about what you want you cake to look like. Most engaged couples come to their consultation appointment having done much research into cake designs.

The resources are many, every imaginable design can be foundĀ  especially since people have easy Internet access. There are hundreds of thousands of cakes when you google “wedding cakes” or “wedding cake designs” or “elegant wedding cakes” or “traditional wedding cakes,” etc. Use your imagination. You will have fun and can be easily fascinated. Make sure you start collecting images in a folder of those that you especially like in some way.

Scheduling a Consultation In Corona for Your Wedding Cake

If you’ve prepared by viewing many cake designs, colors , types, you will come to the consultation ready for a fruitful discussion. At a consultation appointment, you’ll be able to taste samples of the most popular cake flavors. Or, you can discuss particular flavors you want to sample. If this is done ahead of time, your preferences may be honored.

So if you’re looking for a dream wedding cake, consider wedding cakes-corona, ca, wedding cakes-riverside, ca or any cities around corona

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Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday: 3:00 to 9:00 pm by appointment only

Payment: Through PayPal or with check or cash

You’re looking for wedding cakes sweet moments dessert company Serves Corona, Riverside, Las Vegas (to-go) and the surrounding areas including cities of the Inland Empire, Orange County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County

Importance of the Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are certainly a vital part of the wedding ceremony. They are understandably the focal point of a reception. It is a very exciting task to select the best wedding cake that catches everyone’s attention during the ceremony. The Cake cutting by the couple and feeding it to each other signifies the commitment they have for each other.

Wedding cakes are available in a large number of flavors, designs and different patterns of accessories to add the beauty of the cake. There are plenty to choose from. They should be decorated and prepared with great passion and care. Most of the unusual wedding cakes have three or more tiers and are decorated beautifully with some attractive toppings and icings.

Butter cream and fondant are the two types of frostings mainly used and choosing either of these can cause enough fluctuations in the final cost of the cake. Butter creams are much cheaper while the fondant will give you a smooth finished look where you can have tiny petals and flowers detailed to perfection. Elaborate shapes and colors with handmade tiny details up the costs a lot more.

Wedding cakes began to change and grow in the 19th Century, when new means of refrigeration could keep their ingredients fresh for much longer periods.

Cakes for weddings are often chosen with the theme and the colors selected for this special occasion. Most of such cakes match the subtle and sometime outrageous themes chosen by the bride and groom.

If you have a wedding with a Hawaiian theme, then choose a wedding cake that’s shaped like a pineapple. If you are going for a beach wedding, you would like to have a star fish shaped cake or a sea shell shaped cake. You can also choose from a variety of flavors like chocolate, custard, mocha, and coconut.

These special cakes play an essential role inside the wedding party. In reality, some brides actually plan their entire weddings around the style of the cake. While traditional white, tiered cakes topped together with the bride and groom figures remain predominant, colorful cakes depicting kooky themes and personally significant tableaux have got a substantial hold on our pop cultural psyche.

Which style of cake should you choose? What should it taste like? After all, you want that special day to last within the sensory memories of both sight and taste. With this guide you may make your wedding cake both a visual wonder and a culinary delight!

Wedding cakes are a time honored tradition dating back to the Roman empire. The meaning of the traditional wedding cake has evolved over the course of history, as has the contents and style of the cake. While the overall appearance and customs of the cake have changed, one thing has always remained true: each culture celebrated with some form of cake to honor the bride and groom.

Cakes for weddings bring a great deal of happiness and delight along with them to everyone who lays an eye upon them. After all, a child is always excited about the shape and color of his or her birthday cake each year. A wedding comes only once, so imagine all that excitement and thrill of childhood concentrated into one event and then multiplied by about two hundred times. That is the effect created by the guests gathered at the wedding, all visibly palpable in their curiosity to see how the wedding cake turns out to be.

Research information will be very useful when searching for a qualified baker. So as to hire a very qualified baker, you can’t be too budget-conscious. Most tiered cakes are priced according to slices (usually upwards of $4 a slice) so the size of your cake can be dependent on the number of guests that need to be served.

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