The Creation of Cakes in Corona, CA including Corona Wedding Cakes

One Story about Corona Wedding Cakes & Other Cakes Corona Ca

The Beginnings of a Pastry Chef

The story begins when Laurice and her brother were little. One of my sisters had introduced me to cake decorating so I decorated birthday cakes. I remember that it was a lot of fun.

Next scene is at my granddaughter’s birthday party: Laurice made her a cake with fish on it. That was another beginning of the next generation making homemade cakes for special occasions.

Following photo is of a wedding cake that Laurice created her for our good friends’ wedding. She hand-made about 40 beautiful delicate roses, and had perfected her first recipes of chocolate and lemon cake for the tiers. We ooh-ed and ahh-ed about it. The groom saved the top layer of the cake, serving a small portion each anniversary until it was gone. We can say that it was savored.

The Beginning of a Business, Sweet Moments Dessert Company

Some eight years later Laurice now has a thriving dessert company called Sweet Moments Desserts. By now she’s created many many cakes and other desserts.

For desserts I preferred pies to cakes. Notice the past tense. I still prefer pies to most cakes but Laurice’s cakes are something else. Whenever I’m around her kitchen during my visits with them and she’s baking, I can’t resist eating the cake scraps. I try not to eat sweets most of the time but on my last visit, I just gave up and didn’t stop grabbing finger-fulls of cake. Resistance is futile….

Cakes flavors

My very favorite of Laurice’s cake flavors is her signature flavor: sour cream butter cake. Recently her red velvet cake made quite an impression on me and my sisters. Wow! Not on her list of flavor is a German chocolate which is extraordinary.

But the extraordinary nature of each of her cake flavors are not limited to my current favorites. They all are wonderful because she’s taken the time to find the right recipes that create delicious cakes: moist, not too sweet, full flavors. For the most part, the depth of the flavors is all the butter, eggs, sugar and flour. When you lift one of her cakes you get a surprise: they are heavy because of the richness.

When Laurice was in a culinary class in college, one of her instructors at the end of the class showed everyone what Laurice had created. Her question was: “Everyone started out with the same recipe. Why does Laurice have the only dessert that looks like this?” You get the point: many can have the same recipe but it takes a special cook to get it right. She’s truly gifted in the kitchen.

Design and Decorations

Most cakes are decorated with butter-cream frosting or fondant. Certain cake designs require fondant “frosting.” Because Laurice cares about flavor she layers butter-cream frosting below the fondant layer (the flavor can be pretty nasty). Consistent with her standard for flavor Laurice usually uses mousseline buttercream for filling and frosting. Again, delicious!!

Probably the best challenge (from my view) of Laurice’s cake creations is the design or theme of the cakes. Recently she made her first MineCraft cakes that consisted of 400 tiny blocks placed around two cakes. It was such a painstaking task that took twice as much time than she anticipated.

I’m remembering how she figured out how to make a Mockingjay for her Hunger Games theme. Then a few years ago she saw a cake that looked like a snake. One of her friends ordered one after Laurice had posted the cake on Facebook. Some of recent favorites include the Animal Barn with all of the animals, and a minion cake (so cute she has a photo of it on her smart phone).

Except for very basic designs, almost every cake presents a creative challenge for Laurice because she wants to please each customer’s vision of their order. There are hardly any two cakes that look alike.

I still don’t understand how she creates the many figures, flowers, logos, items that go on cakes. What I do know is that they usually take hours: time she isn’t compensated for because she feels that her cakes need to priced competitively.

Laurice’s spirit

Laurice has taken classes to help her create better figurines as well as other skills from more experienced bakers. Her dream would be to go to a huge cake convention and take as many classes as she could.

She always wants to improve, learn how to make things easier for herself but never forgets that she wants to over-deliver in design and taste with each special cake she creates.

I’ve very proud of this daughter of mine and all that she does—which is more than making cakes and desserts. She’s a super Mom and friend to many.

Let me know what you think about my story on Corona cakes or Corona wedding cakes.



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