The Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake:  One of Wedding Highlights

I  can’t think of many social occasions when food was an important part of the celebration, whether the event was a birthday, anniversary, graduation party, quincinera, and of course, a wedding.

We want to focus on the wedding cake now.  Weddings are such special times when celebrate the commitment two individuals are making to each other.  The wedding cake can be a focal point of such an event. There are times when it was considered bad luck not to have a piece of the wedding cake.

There are specified protocols for cutting the wedding cake that belong of tradition. For example, at a wedding reception, it is conventional to cut the wedding cake simply prior to dessert is served, if the wedding reception occurs throughout lunch or the supper hour. Nonetheless, if the reception is held during tea or cocktails, the cake is cut simply after all of the guests arrive. It also is a custom for the couple to cut and eat the first piece together, as a sign of their decision to be together.

Picking a wedding cake is quite a task. Tradition asks for a white cake with white icing for weddings. In this day and age, couples are making choices based on their taste in design, kinds of cake and flavors of filling.  As couple expand the possibilities for what they want for their wedding cake, bakeries and bakers have complied.  Besides the usual, all manner of flavors are being considered:  pound, yellow, fruit, chocolate, mocha, red velvet, marble…whatever is delicious to you and your guests.

Some wedding cakes offer a different taste for each layer. While the traditional white icing is ordered, many have chosen other ways to decorate their cake.  Will it be butter-cream with its superior flavor or fondant with greater possibility of design with flavor of frosting being unimportant.  Remember most of the flavor will come from the cake and the filling–you don’t want to overpower these with a frosting that calls for too much attention.

How the wedding cake is designed and decorated is of course your personal option also. You can have almost anything you can dream up applied to a wedding cake including, including real flowers and fruits.

The wedding reception is probably the most awaited part of the wedding for many. And everyone expects seeing the cake cut and sharing it with the couple as a sign of good will and a hope, that as a couple, the couple will be thriving and fertile.


Looking for small wedding cakes?  Design ideas or suggestions to help you make a better choice?

A wedding cake is the most important dessert at a wedding reception. The cake is normally large with multiple layers and beautifully decorated with some icing/frosting/fondant.  Most of the time, what is small is the small statue of bridge and bridegroom called a cake topper that sits on the cake. So why would you be looking for information and images of small wedding cakes?

The first reason is that it’s for a small wedding with only a handful of people.  The cake then may serve as the only food for a small reception.  Or perhaps, as dessert for a small wedding dinner celebration.  What would be the best way to proceed in order to find the kind of wedding cake that suits you?

Another reason for a small wedding cake is to save on cost.  You intend to have a wedding cake for tradition’s sake but you intend to serve cake pieces from sheets of cake rather than from the main wedding cake.  Yes, a tiered cake is more costly than sheet cake.

Whatever your reason is your choices are still similar to those looking for larger cakes.  So do what they do:  do your research by looking at dozens, in not, hundreds of wedding cake images through Internet searches, in wedding books and magazines.  See what appeals to you in terms of color, design, theme, etc.Remember that because the wedding cake is small, simple is the best choice–with a minimum of decoration.  Still there is so much variety in the details that it’s worth looking at the myriad of possibilities in decorations.  You still have a few decisions to make.

And there’s the decision on the kind of cake and the flavors involved.  Those decisions again are similar to those made by couples desiring a large cake.  And to make sure of getting a cake of high quality, find a wedding cake baker who will give you a tasting despite the size of your wedding cake.



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