Wedding cake designs

Wedding Cake Designs are Many, aren’t they?

Making a design decision about your dream wedding cake means taking the time to look at many photos of wedding cakes.  Here are some of the cakes I’ve made in the past, customized by looking at the various cakes favored by the bride and groom and discussing about important elements to include.  So if nothing you’ve seen so far is exactly what you want, don’t worry.  That’s what consulting with me involves.  We work together to figure out different design possibilities.  Have fun looking at my collection.

A General Discussion of Wedding Cake Designs follows.

Exploring wedding cake designs?  How exciting, and Congratulations!

The cake:  what important social occasion doesn’t have a cake.  It’s celebratory.  And who doesn’t love a cake?

What important occasion isn’t complete without a spectacular cake?–of course, a wedding.

Since you intend to have your wedding day most memorable, you want all aspects of the wedding memorable as well.  It’s hard not to spend many hours and days looking at different wedding cake designs, trying to decide on the wedding cake that will be special and stand out from all other wedding cakes .

After all, it can be the center of your decorations at your reception. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for guests to ooo and ahh about how beautiful your wedding cake, and moreover, how delicious it is.  It makes sense then that you want all the best ideas before you when you are narrowing your choices.

Choosing a wedding cake

A wedding cake should be in sync with your style, wedding decoration theme, if possible with your wedding outfits and most important your taste. Your choice of cake will reflect your taste and style. Also you can charm your would-be by choosing a design and a flavor of his or her choice or reflecting his or her style.

Keep in mind the following things while choosing the right baker for you:

• Research well about the bakers in your vicinity

• Try and taste some of the baker’s preparations

• Have a look at his or her past wedding cake preparations

• Compare it with others

• Have a look at his/her varieties and expertise

Wedding Cake Designs

There are innumerable designs that you can choose from for your special wedding cake.

It is the outcome of the expertise and imagination of your cake designer or baker. The cake design is a reflection of your style and you can use photos of it to remember how well you chose.about it the rest of your life.

There are several elements in cake designs given below that can start your design process.


Here are decisions to make:  how tall do you want your cake to be?  Therefore, how many tiers will be required.  Then there’s the shape of the cake:  round? square? another shape like heart or hexagonal?  Many of these choices will be determined by your baker, the number of guests you are expecting and yes, your budget.  Each baker know what the possibilities are for design once she/he knows the number of guests the cake is expected to serve.

I recently completed a wedding cake order that consisted of seven 10-inch cakes, which is good strategy for a small budget.  So, you can also have regular cakes rather than having tiers. Some of the traditional shapes are circular and square  and rectangle. Traditionally, wedding cakes that are circular or square make the easiest shape for tiers, with a cake topper on the top tier.

Modern designs of wedding cakes

These days  more unfamiliar shapes include octagonal, hexagonal, a star, and a heart are seen but not all bakers have pans for these shapes.


Cake designs are not, of course, limited to what has been described so far. Your imagination is your only limit; and the second is what your baker can produce.  Have several wedding cake designs in mind before you start contacting potential bakers because the consultation needs to make it clear to you what can be produced.

Some such designs can be as follows:

• Replica of Relationship

If you have cherished moments in your relationship such as an experience you shared in a particular location, such as at the beach, a museum, a sport event, you can create a theme of it.  And figure out designs that would capture the moment.

For example – if it’s a favorite moment walking through a park, you can have your baker create elements of it in  miniature and place them subtly or boldly on the cake.

Or, if you love dancing, you can have figurines dancing. If you’ve had a long distance relationship or met on the Internet, you can come up with items associated with such ideas.Why not make your wedding cake make a statement about your relationship?


You can use be really unusual and hae your wedding cake to surprise your would–be. For example if you are planning to surprise him/her with a special such as a trip or car, why not let her know by this cake. You can get a cake designed as a replica of that special place and then also present her the keys with the cake. Or turn it into the replica of the  honeymoon destination.

So your imagination is the limit for your wedding cake design. And if you get stuck anytime, just google for the thousands of ideas online.  There are so galleries of wedding cakes, it would take hours and days.  And most important, check out your baker’s wedding cake gallery to see what ideas you can glean.

But keep in mind that such customized cake will cost you more than a regular cake. But it is fine for your wedding day, right?



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